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Mindful Parenting:

How to Develop a Deeper Connection to Your 2 to 10-Year-Old Child and Stay Calm and in Control

Do you feel exhausted trying to be the best parent you can be?


Do you get frustrated when you don’t know what to do when your child refuses to listen to you?


Do you wish your child would show more empathy and consideration for you and others?


In the world that is changing very fast, parents and parenting issues can be challenging to keep up to.


Like many parents, you may have become overly sensitive and attuned to your child. You might tend to over-parent, aiming for perfection in your parenting.


This, in turn, can tend to render you anxious and worried that you’re not providing enough opportunities for your children and that you’re not keeping up with other parents.


Most of all, it can lead to exhaustion and illness as you neglect your own needs due to over-focusing on your children.


If any of the above sound familiar, this workshop could be what you need.

This workshop will:

  • Explore 3 parenting styles and the effects they have on the family.
  • Explain why your listening style may fail you when in conflict with your child.
  • Introduce Active Listening Skills, which will help you connect more deeply and empathically with your children.

Here is what past participants of this free workshop have to say:

“I would, HELL YES, recommend this workshop and my friends missed out!! As Ranka said in the beginning: “ You are all here for answers, but probably want a list of strategies. I thought I did need strategies, but now I know it was mindfulness! Thank you!!”

“Ranka is very personable and an excellent listener, clear and easy to understand. Thank you so much for touching on so many key points for my relationship with my husband and my daughter.”

“Ranka is an excellent presenter who has lovely and relaxed energy, her messages and content are easy to follow and she draws on significant experience. I highly recommend her.”

“Ranka is super relatable and not trying to be perfect, thank you!”

“Ranka has a very relaxed style and connected well with audience. She has a very good use of humour.”

“Ranka is personal, authentic and organized. It gave me a whole new perspective looking from my child’s view.”

“Ranka is engaging speaker, funny, calm, confident and relaxed and gives good examples.”

“Ranka is a clear, passionate speaker with “nothing is right, or wrong attitude” and she gave great relatable examples.”

“Ranka is very relatable and easy to listen to. I feel I can take home these reflective tools to make a positive outcome in my home.”

“Ranka is easy to listen to, friendly and warm person. She is very knowledgeable and trustworthy personality. This workshop opened my eyes to better ways of parenting without Ranka pushing things on you. Allows own reflection, which otherwise you don’t do.”

“Ranka is very approachable and knowledgeable. This workshop clarified that parenting is more than just guiding your children, but more as building a relationship and connecting.”- Dr. Joshua Tymms, Chiropractor