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Helping You Love
and be Loved

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Save Your Relationship with Couples Counselling

Stop the fighting…
Stop the icy distance…
Stop the heartbreak…

As your couples counsellor, I can help you heal your relationship.

You can become closer to each other than you’ve been before.

“Ranka’s dedication to her work with her clients and to her profession as a relationship counsellor is evident in so many ways: her presence with her clients creates a warm therapeutic environment for growth and change, her energy and vitality is directed towards deepening our human interactions, and her collegiality and professional sharing helps us all to grow from her vast experience and her passion for relationship health.

Ranka is a trusted colleague and relationship counsellor and I am pleased to recommend her to clients, friends and family who wish to work on their relationship with a dedicated and professional therapist.”

Philippa Colgan, Counsellor, ACA/PACFA Perth, WA

You’ve tried for so long to make your relationship better.

You’re discouraged.


AND, you can’t stand the pain any longer.


Worse yet, you fear that you might be headed towards a break-up if things don’t improve.


Perhaps one of you has already threatened the “break-up” or the “divorce” word.

Couples counselling might seem like your only hope for saving your relationship.

AND – you’re probably right about that since you’ve found your way to my website.


Many couples have turned their relationship around through couples therapy when nothing else has worked. Sometimes they struggled for years before coming for psychotherapy.

What Will it Take to Save Your Relationship?

Many of my clients come to me when their relationship is torn to shreds. They wonder if it’s possible to get it back on track.


They often feel skeptical and sometimes hopeless that things can get better.

BUT, with a strong willingness to love and be loved, along with some effort, they were they able to save their relationships.


What’s more, they often developed a stronger, more intimate, and healthier relationship than they ever had before.

Many of my couples counselling clients are amazed at how much better therapy has helped their relationship become.

You CAN Heal the Struggle and Pain That is Tearing You Apart

I’m an experienced, highly skilled, and deeply compassionate therapist. I am trained in leading couples and marriage counselling methodologies that have been shown to help couples relationships flourish.

I’m passionate about relationships and am thrilled to be able to help people as a therapist.

I know too well how challenging relationships can be, having been married for more than 25 years. And yet, I also know how rewarding it is to work on a relationship and make it even better.

My relationship and those of my clients have taught me that healing is always possible…

Here are just a few of the benefits that await you when you take the step to engage in couples counselling:

  • Heal past hurt and experience more love and joy together
  • Become more united as a couple – feel that you’re on the same team, instead of working against each other
  • Be confident that you have the skills to manage your differences when they arise
  • Feel hopeful about your future together, knowing you’re closer than ever
  • Feel more positive about your life knowing your relationship is thriving

“I have known Ranka since she began training in Imago Relationship Therapy in 2013.
She is passionate about working with couples, with Imago therapy, and with extending herself both personally and professionally.

Within the training context, she related well to all the participants, was open minded, competent and reflective. In the practice setting, I have noticed a particular sensitivity to the needs of her clients, a genuine interest in them, and a flexibility in her interventions and approach.

As her Clinical Trainer and colleague, I would highly recommend Ranka to anybody wanting to work on or enhance their relationship.” 

Brenda Rawlings BSW (Hons) Dip Couns MNZAC, New Zealand

Imagine what it will be like when you again feel deep love for your partner and feel more loved than ever before.

You and your partner have an incredible opportunity available to you with couples therapy.

Are you ready to get started?