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Perth, Western Australia

Relationship Workshops

Getting The Love You Want

A 2-Day Weekend Workshop for Couples


How to Deepen your Connection to Your Partner, Create the
Relationship You Long For

Learn practical and powerful tools to build a stronger relationship – whether you want to make a good relationship better, or are in a place of frustration, conflict, or disconnection in your relationship.You will work alone and with your partner and will not be required to share your experience with the rest of the group, unless you choose to do so.

“Ranka’s warm, honest, knowledgeable engaging style created a safe space to explore our marriage. She led us skillfully through information and processes to uncover the issues and created opportunity for fun in the learnings. The course gave us hope and steps and a blueprint to create the relationship we really desire. We went to commit to ourselves and each other and feel we have the tools and a way forward. Ranka covered a lot without being too academic using many exercises. She personally shared her journey, which made it real and showed what commitment is needed.”

Tara Hoyne, workshop attendee

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Loving Well

A FREE Workshop for Couples and Individuals to Help You Become Closer to Your Partner

This free workshop utilizes the latest research to help couples improve their communication patterns so that they can become closer and more loving towards each other.

“Ranka is a warm, charismatic and professional presenter who obviously practices what she preaches, evident by her deep understanding and passion for this way of working.
So thrilled to have walked away feeling not only personally enriched and inspired to make my own relationship of 30 years the best it can be but also feeling excited at discovering a very accessible and authentic way of working with couples that sits comfortably with who I am.”

Linda Williams, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, MA Counsel

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Bringing Baby Home

FREE Workshop on How to Prepare Yourselves and Your Relationship for
Life with Your New Baby 

This free workshop shows you how to create the best experience possible for your baby and for your relationship when your child is born. It helps you prepare to bring your baby home and teaches you how to reduce the inevitable stress that a new baby can bring to your relationship. This will help foster your child’s healthy development and keep your relationship strong.

“How often does a couple sit down and consider what’s going to happen to them, as a couple, once the baby is born? How can they predict, guess what life with baby will be like? This easy-to-listen-to workshop provides some guidelines, gleaned from years of research, to help set great habits in your early days as a family. Ranka has a warm, easy manner and lots of fun slides to make this a most enjoyable session which you will be so glad you attended.”

Josephine Clarke, workshop attendee

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Parenting Workshops

Ground Control to My Tween/Teen:
“I Don’t Know What Planet You’re on Anymore."

A FREE Workshop on How to Decode Your Child’s Behaviour and Get Closer to Your Child

This free workshop explores how the neurological developmental of your teen or tween’s behaviour impacts their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Once you have a better understanding of these key developmental changes, you’ll be able to communicate with your teen more effectively.

“This workshop provides a well researched insight into the brain development of the teens. I learned that I need to tell my teenage daughter I am here for her, if she needs me, and being less pushy with her. Ranka is a wonderful presenter who communicates well and uses her life experiences as a mother as great teaching points.”

Nadia Kraehemann, workshop attendee

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Mindful Parenting

A FREE Workshop for Parents of Young Children

How to Connect to Your 2 to 10-Year-Old Child While
Staying Calm and Connected to Yourself

This free workshop shows you how to parent mindfully where you connect with your child more deeply and empathically. It shows you how to maintain calmness and control even when your patience is wearing thin.

“Ranka is very approachable and knowledgeable. This workshop clarified that parenting is more than just guiding your children, but more as building a relationship and connecting.”

Dr. Joshua Tymms, Dr of Chiropractic

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