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Helping You Love
and be Loved

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You CAN Have a Relationship Where you Feel Deep Love and are Loved Deeply

Your relationships don’t have to result in one heartache after another

Relationship counselling can help you have the kind of relationship you’ve been longing for…

“I have known Ranka for 18 months through our professional development group. She has continuously inspired, supported, and challenged myself and other counsellors in our discussions to be our absolute best.

She is an inspiring speaker and presenter. I have referred clients to her in the past with great confidence and results and will continue to do so in the future.”

Terri Kaye, Solv Counselling, B Couns, Grad Dip in Family and Relationship Therapy, Perth, Westeren Australia

Relationships just don’t work out for you.


You’ve tried and tried, but you can’t make them work.


Your heart has likely been broken so many times that you’ve lost count.

After each relationship, you end up unhappy and more disillusioned than you were the time before.

The patterns are so familiar. They repeat themselves over and over.


It’s frustrating…


And terribly disappointing.


At times you wonder if there is something wrong with you.


Or, maybe you’ve just had bad luck.


I understand how disheartening it is when you don’t feel loved.

The Good News is… you’re here, seeking a counsellor…

The fact that you’re reaching out for help tells me you want to turn the painful relationship patterns around and have a loving relationship.


Regardless of your past relationships, it’s always possible to find the path to a healthy relationship.

Often, relationship counselling is the key to leaving the past behind and creating a better future.

As your therapist, I have the expertise and passion to help you.

I’ve been through many ups and downs in my 25-year relationship with my husband. I’m proud to say that we work hard on our relationship and have become closer each year that we’re together.


How have we done this?


We have a deep commitment to each other’s happiness and well-being.


I’ve helped many of my therapy clients do the same – AND, I’d be delighted to help you too!


Imagine what your life will be like when you have healed your past relationship wounds.

In counselling, you’ll make a commitment to yourself so that you can improve your self-worth, better manage your feelings, and become more open to loving and being loved.

Imagine what a fulfilling relationship will be like:

  • You’ll be stronger and more confident
  • You won’t settle for anything less than what will make you happy
  • You’ll feel loved and cared for by your partner
  • You’ll be committed in a way you may have never been before
  • You’ll feel optimistic about your future

This may be difficult to imagine right now, but I it is possible, once you have healed your wounds.


Sure, once you have healed, you’ll still have some relationship challenges, but you’ll have the skills to resolve them. Best of all, you’ll have chosen a partner who has those same skills.

“I have trained with Ranka Joyce at a number of Imago Advanced Workshops and in Professional Supervision groups. I know Ranka to be a competent, experienced and genuine Imago Relationship Therapist who has embraced the Imago theory both personally and professionally.

Ranka is committed to working to help people improve their relationships, and I wish to assure the people who choose to journey with Ranka that they will experience safety as well as individual and relational growth while in her professional care.” 

Francis Borg, Certified Advanced Imago Therapist, Brisbane, Queensland

Once you take the next step, you’ll be on the road towards relationship happiness.

All you have to do to get started is book an appointment.

If you’re unsure about counselling with me and want to chat first, you can book a no-charge 15-minute consult, on my calendar . We will call you back the same day to answer your inquiry and provide you with further information about our services.