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About Ranka Joyce

Relationship and Couples Therapist
Subiaco, Western Australia

“I have known Ranka for over 5 years and find her to be extremely knowledgeable and insightful as a speaker, counsellor, and colleague. She is an inspiring professional who also has a perceptive empathic felt presence, which instantly puts others at ease. I highly recommend her as a couple’s counsellor and singles therapist.”

Carolyn Packard B Ed, MA SS, Busselton WA

A Life-Changing Event Inspired Me to Become a Therapist

Before becoming pregnant with my first child, I was a Ph.D. student researching Computer Assisted Language Learning. I was also passionate about my job teaching Italian at 3 universities in Perth.


My pregnancy was a long-hoped-for event, literally the happiest moment of my life…


And then, after the birth of my daughter, I experienced post-partum depression. This came as a huge shock after my great enthusiasm about having a child.


After a while, I became tired of suffering. I was determined to discover the source of my “baby blues” and sought counselling.

Counselling changed my life and my career path.

After attending therapy, I was so excited about my growth and healing that I dropped my Ph.D. studies. I embarked on a life-long journey of self-growth, enhancing my relationship with my husband, and discovering how to raise our daughters in the most mindful and loving way.

I began to pursue a career as a psychotherapist, so I could help others achieve the amazing growth I had achieved.


An Imago Therapy couple’s workshop that I attended with my husband enhanced our relationship to such an extent that I knew that my path as a therapist was to specialize in relationship and couples therapy.


I’m thrilled to help both individuals who are struggling to find a healthy relationship and couples who are stuck in conflict and stagnation, achieve happiness.


I love helping people in my relationship counselling practice, but I wanted to reach more people than I could when offering counselling services alone.


Therefore, I now offer relationship improvement workshops  for individuals and couples.


I taught pre-marital classes for 8 years, and now offer pre-marriage counselling services.
Being a parent of two daughters further fueled my desire to help other parents improve their relationships with their children. Therefore, I have trained in several areas of parenting and now provide workshops for parents.

“ Ranka is a highly skilled therapist and workshop presenter. She is an engaging speaker, who oozes wisdom and experience.  Ranka manages to deliver complex ideas in a easy-to-understand way, engaging her audience from beginning to end.

I highly recommend her both as a relationship therapist and workshop presenter.”

Jacqui Moulton MA (Couns), MNZAC, MIACN,
Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Auckland New Zealand

Being a Relationship Counsellor is Humbling, Inspiring and Rewarding

Helping people heal their relationship pain and express more love and connection to one another is a privilege.

It can be heartbreaking to see my counselling clients’ emotional turmoil when they enter my office. And yet, it brings me great joy when they heal their hurt and find healthier ways of relating to each other.

Often, the immense healing that takes place in my office seems like a miracle.

I’m Compassionate, Deeply Committed to My Work, and Offer Therapy in 3 Languages

I’m caring, non-judgmental, and genuinely interested in you and your struggles. I will work hard to help you have a fulfilling relationship.

I listen to not only what you tell me, but also to what you may not be able to say because of lack of awareness or fear of being judged. True relationship healing takes places when you resolve the deeper layers of your pain.

I’m trilingual, offering therapy in Croatian, Italian, and English. My multicultural background and migration experience to Australia from Croatia deepens my understanding and empathy of clients who come from diverse backgrounds.

Counselling Education

  • Masters in Counselling (Murdoch University, Perth, Australia)
  • Joint Hons degree in Italian, Italian Literature and Comparative Literature (Zagreb University, Croatia)

Relationship and Parent Counselling Training and Supervision

In order to provide the best therapy possible, I keep up with the latest research and counselling methods. I engage in ongoing training in relationship and couples counselling as well as parent counselling training courses.


Additionally, I engage in ongoing personal growth work and professional counselling supervision. These activities assist my clients in healing as quickly and effectively as possible.


“I have personally known Ranka more than a year now. She taught me to calm the inner turmoil and find strength to keep moving forward in a very difficult time of my life. She is truly a lifeline. I really appreciate her ability to listen deeply and empathetically leading me towards a gentle and grounded process which provides clarity and a new perspective on the issue.
Thanks to her wonderful and empowering session on “How to improve your marriage without talking about it” I experienced a big shift in my relationship with my husband.
And I am impressed with her competent, calm and comprehensive approach. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to find joy and peace in their relationship with self and others.”

Dr Krisshna Veni Balasubramaniam, GP, Blackwater, Qld.

Professional Membership

  • Association of Imago Relationship Therapists Australia (AIRTA)

My Personal Life

I love spending time with my family, exercising, walking, working with clay, contributing to my community, and exploring the world.

Are you ready for a more loving and harmonious relationship?