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Bringing Baby Home 

Free Workshop

How to Prepare Yourselves and Your Relationship for Life with Your New Baby 

Are you excited but unsure how to best prepare for the most important and rewarding job you will ever have: raising a child? 


Do you want to make the transition to parenthood go as smoothly as possible? 


The experience of becoming a parent is life changing. It has a huge effect on all aspects of your life, including your relationship with your partner.  


If you feel satisfied in your relationship with your spouse, your  child is more likely to have a positive emotional, social, intellectual and behaviour development.  


If you’re preoccupied with relationship difficulties, parenting can become impaired. As a result, you might find it difficult to read your baby’s cues and your baby can easily become frustrated. This, in turn, adds more stress to your relationship. It can become a vicious circle. 


Traditionally, birth preparations and parent education have focused only on the day of birth, rather than what helps couples when they bring their baby home.  This free workshop is geared towards helping you, your relationship and your child have the best experience possible. 

“How often does a couple sit down and consider what’s going to happen to them, as a couple, once the baby is born? How can they predict, guess what life with baby will be like? This easy-to-listen-to workshop provides some guidelines, gleaned from years of research, to help set great habits in your early days as a family. Ranka has a warm, easy manner and lots of fun slides to make this a most enjoyable session which you will be so glad you attended.”

Josephine Clark, workshop attendee

This workshop will:

  • Show you skills that help strengthen your relationship with your partner and foster your baby’s development
  • Teach you what to expect and how to navigate the transition to parenthood.
  • How to manage relationship conflict and maintain intimacy through sleepless nights and exhausting days.

“The greatest gift you can give your child is a strong relationship between the two of you. Caring for the couple relationship is critical to the development of the child’s emotional, social and intellectual well-being.”

Dr. John Gottman 

“I recently participated in a professional development presentation delivered by Ranka Joyce, the content of which, embodied elements of Ranka’s “Bringing Baby Home” workshop. It proved to be one of the most  thought provoking and enjoyable presentations, I have had the pleasure of attending. 

Ranka has a unique presentation style. She is able to impart informative material in a relaxed, entertaining and humorous manner. Her delivery is sprinkled with  anecdotes, inviting  her audience into her personal world and lived experience of becoming a first time mum. Ranka shares an honest and insightful account of the profound impact this event had on the dynamics of the adult relationship and of the differential influence this exerted, over the developing bond with their new baby.

Ranka’s personal experience has fostered in her a passion to inform other’s of how to be prepared for the life changing event of first time parenthood. A common theme being the struggle to maintain “emotional communication and connection” within the dyadic relationship when faced with the “challenging and chaotic” transition to parenthood. 

The Bringing Baby Home workshop has been developed to provide clear understanding of how relationships are impacted  following the birth of a baby and how couples can optimise emotional intimacy and a harmonious relationship which also fosters healthy child development and healthy attachment. 

The information presented both from statistical research and findings from lived experiences, equips  those about to become first time parents, with skills to prevent common pitfalls and develop resilience, through prior knowledge and  preparation. 

For those  engaged in a relevant capacity, I believe the information Ranka presents,  can greatly assist professionals to facilitate and maintain, a secure and loving dyadic relationship between couples, and promote a more positive experience of their journey into parenthood.”

Stephanie Price, Master of Clinical Psychology, Perth WA